woensdag 27 april 2016

Camino Frances, just the real thing...

Long but impressive impression of a Camino Frances, walked in April 2015.
Experience it, see the scenery, hear people's motives, go shopping, enter mass and albergue, have a cafe con leche, enjoy the music, buen camino...

Knowing that this structure is here, as a way of working through life transitions, gives me some peace...

James Nicoll

Camino del Norte Irun to Bilbao

The first part of the Camino del Norte. From Irun to Bilbao.
A nice impression of this part of the Ruta de la Costa.


Replaying a historic walk in World of Warcraft

This video is from a social science class where students rebuild a camino walk of historic times in World of Warcraft!

(Spanish spoken)

Luis Marhuenda Ramon

dinsdag 12 april 2016

The Road to Santiago

DVD introduction
The documentary The Road to Santiago is publiced on DVD.

Two friends, they never walked more than a few kilometers, start on their camino.
They discover nature and themselves.
Follow their way with special and accidental incidents and encounters.

Santiago Compostella

The Road to Santiago

maandag 11 april 2016

Camino de Madrid

A nice presentation of the Camino de Madrid, from Madrid to Sahagun (on the Camino Frances).

Hot in summer!
Spanish all around.


dinsdag 5 april 2016

A Thousand Miles LePuy, Del Norte, Primitivo, Finisterre.

Surprise your ears and eyes with this pilgrimage from Le Puy in France, along the northern routes of the Camino del Norte en the Camino Primitivo and continuing after Santiago on th Camino Finisterre to the ocean.

Robin Pigott

Robin walked the Via de la Plata the year after.
If you liked this video, have a look at that voyage.

Via de la Plata

Have a seat, have your moment of peace.
enjoy this visual and auditive impression of the Via de la Plata.

Robin Pigott

Robin walked a 1000 mile camino from France, along del Norte and Primitivo and along the Camino Finisterre to the sea the year before.