zondag 26 februari 2017

Footprints movie

The path of your life.

This movie ... "The Way of St. James narrates the story of men in search of the goal of our human existence: in search of the meaning of life."


The website for this movie is here. There you can also find where it shows.

maandag 20 februari 2017

Camino Frances & Fisterra

Chris made a documentary of his Camino Frances into Santiago de Compostela and going on to Fisterra.
See him walking and talking, see the landscape change, see it just as it is...


donderdag 16 februari 2017

Camino Primitivo

Three guys 'doing' the first camino, the Camino Primitivo.
See the places they walked, see the places where they ate, where they slept, they posed, they awed the landscape, ....

Juan Arias

Camino Primitivo, the first

A nice impression from the Camino Primitivo by A. Navarro.
Nice photography.
Starting in Oviedo, ending in Santiago de Compostela.


maandag 13 februari 2017

Camino Frances

The Camino Frances is the most popular camino. So, obviously, most movies are made by people walking this 'mother of the camino'.

So many places to remember, so many to look forward to.

Elia Nolan Turella

Camino Frances, the major way

All the way from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Fisterra.

"I'm thankfull this road for every metre that I went through, for every stone I needed to climb over, for every person that I met, for the views and memories which I will remember all my entire life. This experience I got will share with everyone who would love to try it."

Aurimas Mockus

zaterdag 4 februari 2017

Pilgrimage music of the camino

A selection of pilgrimage music of the camino...
Well, what is pilgrimage music.

Is it related to themes of religion,
is it related to medieval times, 
to the instruments of Galicia or northern Spain or
to representative moods you encounter while doing the camino?
Just make up your mind and enjoy.

Medieval music : pilgrim song - Stella splendens

(Full text see at the end of this post)

Arany Zoltan

The next song is a sound the many pilgrims will recognise and bring back memories!
Hear the gaitero
Dan Perez

Hymne de Santiago, Hymne de los peregrinos
Jose Maria Maldonado

Hymne de peregrinos by the Discantus ensemble
Fundacion Juan March

Have some time to spent? Perhaps listen to the Codex Calixtinus - ad vesperas sancti Iacobi

Caballerito de Arratia


The pilgrimage to Santiago - Dum Pater Familias
Dennim Cancino

Contemplative instrumental music pieces by Paul Baraka

Heavenly voices of this ensemble
Compostelle - Le chant de l'etoile
Ensemble discantus/Brigitte Lesne

More sacred songs from the 12th century

Campus Stellae - Chants sacrés du XII siècle
Ensemble Discantus.

Saint-Martial de Limoges / Santiago de Compostela
Discantus - Brigitte Lesne
Opus 111 30-102

Medieval tunes, divine tunes, some instrumental, some vocal
Cantigas de Santiago de Compostela

01. Santa María de Lugo
02. El romero de Santiago
03. Peligro en la mar
04. Dona de Francia en Vila-Sirga
05. El ciego de Alemania
06. El peregrino ahorcado
07. Los peregrinos ciegos


Does this song wake memories in your camino?

Santiago by Loreena McKennitt
from the album The mask and mirror

This song by Sigur Ros does ring some camino bells to me.

The name of the song is Glósóli

And finally a piece from the soundtrack of The Way (2010)
no 4 Pilgrims

By the way, The Way, remember this?
Berrogüetto.- Fusco
at a Santiago festival

Full Text Stella Splendens
"Sequitur alia cantilena ad trepudium rotundum:
Stella splendens in monte ut solis radium miraculis serrato exaudi populum.

Concurrunt universi gaudentes populi
divites et egeni grandes et parvuli
Principes et magnates extirpe regia
ipsum ingrediuntur ut cernunt oculi et inde revertuntur gracijis repleti. saeculi potestates obtenta venia
Prelati et barones comites incliti
peccaminum proclamant tundentes pectora poplite flexo clamant hic: Ave Maria. religiosi omnes atque presbyteri milites mercatores cives marinari
artifices et omnes gratulantur ibi.
burgenses piscatores praemiantur ibi. Rustici aratores nec non notarii advocati scultores cuncti ligni fabri sartores et sutores nec non lanifici
Coetus hic aggregantur hic ut exhibeant
Reginae comitissae illustres dominae potentes et ancillae juvenes parvulae virgines et antiquae pariter viduae conscendunt et hunc montem et religiosae.
mentes nostras mundantes oremus devote
vota regratiantur ut ipsa et reddant aulam istam ditantes hoc cuncti videant jocalibus ornantes soluti redeant. Cuncti ergo precantes sexus utriusque virginem gloriosam matrem clementiae
in coelis gratiosam sentiamus vere."

donderdag 2 februari 2017

Camino Frances

Santiago Gilardi Laya walkes the last part of the Camino Frances,
starting in Bierzo, about 200 kilometers to go.
In the middle of the winter, but the sun is out.
'The streets have no name' is playing.
See how he gets stamp after stamp.