maandag 27 april 2020

Great series on the Camino Frances

Great series of vlogs
on the Camino Frances by Jessica Mills
and her sister Montana.


Homemade Wanderlust / Jessica Mills

Episode 1 13:17

See the other episodes on Youtube...
(or here..)

woensdag 25 maart 2020

People on the PCT

The Journey

"What motivates a person to walk more than 2650 miles on mountain ridges? Curious for the answer, Bia and Edinho thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail doing a research with the people they met: thru-hikers, section-hikers, and trail angels tell and show a PCT from within. The Journey, filmed and produced by Bia and Edinho, follows some wonderfull people during an unforgettable experience."

zaterdag 18 januari 2020

Why would you walk....

A great impression of the camino by Emma Buglisi.
Well filmed, great commentaries, fine music.
Be moved by "Along the way, El Camino"

dinsdag 14 januari 2020

Winter on the CF

Camino de Santiago: a 130 mile solo winter adventure.
Covering the last part of the Camino Francés.
Galicia, Adrian Vila

vrijdag 8 november 2019

maandag 22 juli 2019