maandag 29 juni 2015

Saint Jean Pied de Port vue du ciel

Drones are here to stay, and change the way we see our environment.
This short movie from France3 Aquitaine shows you the village of Saint Jean Pied de Port. For many the starting point on their Camino the Santiago.


dinsdag 23 juni 2015

Mountainbiking from Roncesvalles to Finisterre

What's it like to bike the Camino Frances?
Alejandro Rodriguez knows, did it and plunged in the ocean.


zondag 14 juni 2015

Great 2D/3D Winter

This impression of winter images of the Camino Frances adds a special touch.

Making 2d look like 3d, using Photoshop and After Effects.

Does look different, doesn't it?

Video by Chris Kramer


Time lapse

These two movies pick some spots along the camino
and show them in time lapse.
By Caminho de Santiago.

Part 1

Part 2

Uma Jornada pelo Caminho de Santiago

A long walk along villages, roads, paths, albergues of the Camino Frances.
This documentairy gives a nice overview of 'all' the places and landscapes,
but have a seat
By A Caminho de Santiago, Luis Filipe Estevez


vrijdag 12 juni 2015

Change your perspective with this Irish perspective

Great impression and music from Artimews1
As the music from the group from Iceland becomes more powerful try following the images.


Fuegos del Apóstol 2012 & 2014 & 2011

These videos couldn't be excluded from the collection of The Pilgrims Gaze.

On July 24, 2012 spectators on the Plaza del Obradoiro witnessed a spectacular multimedia show designed by GDP.
The facade of the cathedral turned into a narrating screen: A virtual tour of projections, light, sound, music, fireworks and special effects.


The following video is from July, 24, 2014
Doing it again and including a massive fireworks show.


Not enough? Then have a look at the 2011 show.


donderdag 11 juni 2015

Un chemin magique

In this impression Jerome Bono walks his 68 days from Puy-en-Valey in France to Santiago, 1600 km.

As he says:

"Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, un chemin magique."
You can image after seeing this presentation
of movie, stills and adorable music.


De Paris à Saint-Jacques de Compostelle

This is a photographic / musical tour following the Camino starting in Paris, continuing to Irun, following the Camino del Norte and the Camino Primitivo.

A nice ' unforgetable human adventure' as Didier (DVR12) says.
Join him in this two part travel.

part 1, 25:00

part 2, 25:01

Pilgrims lifeworld along the Camino del Norte

A nice view of the daily routines along the Camino del Norte,
starting from Gyon.
Pilgrims lifeworld, just the way it is.
Follow these (initially) four friends along their more then 300km camino.
Video by Alex Camara. Spanish spoken, English titles.


Peregrinos do Caminho de Santiago

It starts like a fairytail,
this long impression by Luiz Carlos Marques Silva / Bernath Zsolt.
Covering the Camino Frances in video and stills,
music yes, commentator no.
Follow your own memories.

(2014, 1:00)

Camino fun with a selfie stick

15 days of selfie stick fun by Jesus Martinez Martinez,
walking from Astorga to Finisterre.


woensdag 10 juni 2015

The Pilgrimage (2015)

This is an introduction to a (adventure) movie in the making,
filming started last april.

The Pilgrimage by Brendan Muldowney featuring stars like Richard Armitage, Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal.
Filming on the West Coast of Ireland and in the Ardennes in Belgium the story follows 13th century monks escort their monastery’s holiest relic to Rome and find their faith severely tested en route when they discover that the item is not quite what they thought.

and see also the weblog on:

No trailer yet !


Romanesque impressions

A Romanesque impression of the Way of Saint James.
A combination of Google earth, photography and soundscape.

From Jacca to Fromista, by iGEOTV.



Another Way without Tapas but with Sushi.
The pilgrimage of Shikoku, it's about pilgrims, it's about emotions, it's about stamps and pilgrims passports, it's somewhere else.

See more on Shikoku on this weblog: 

But this impression is from Follow the Arrows


The Camino Frances to enjoy

A 4:26 reliving your camino presentation from Tom Alyea.

Nice music, nice presentation.


Cancion del Peregrino

The song ´Canción del Peregrino´,
from Nick Arandes' album
´Lo Que Das Recibes (What you give you receive)´.


Having fun on the Camino Frances

And another (part of the) Camino Frances. Feel the joy of the youngsters. Video Rivers and Roads on the Camino de Santiago by Tatiana Hoecker.


Camino Frances

This nice compilation from Jo Ann Rademacher "Long long journey" cannot but touch your memories, for all 39:32 minutes long.

A Walk in the Woods (2015)

Enjoyed 'Wild'?

Have fun with the movie 'A walk in the woods' 
Never too old to walk... the Appalachian Trail.
Starring Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson.
In theaters after summer!

Sketching camino

A 2 minute travel sketch tour by Neil Kolton.

Camino Frances

'Walk With The Sun Till Ur Shadow Disappears' says Terry McHugh in his 36:05 impression of the Frances.

Surely lots of memories for lots of people. Watch Terry walk to the rest of his life.

Camino Frances

Impression of the Camino Frances in a specific style.

Enjoy these 9:50 from Jennifer Christiansen.

Via de la Plata

Impression from the Via de la Plata by Roger Mechan.
1000 km from Sevilla onwards...


Just some contemplation and contemplative music from Caiseal Mor,
the journey is the way to your Heart.


Camino Salvador

Nice impression of the Camino Salvador from Leon to Oviedo, about 120 km.
Video by blogdibruno (may 2014)
Set's you back 7:41 minutes, but grows your imagination.

Impression Camino Frances

Impression Camino Frances by Rigodontour,
don't expect classical music,
do expect a vibrant encounter.

(27:21 take your time)

Camino de Santiago (2015)

Trailer for the German documentary Camino de Santiago. In theaters spring 2015 in Switzerland and in Germany.
Now serve the rest of the world.

Life in a Walk (2015)

The upcoming documentary Life in a Walk (2015)

Director Yogi Roth walks with his father.
Spend time with those we love.
Watch the trailer.

Music in the streets

Music everywhere in the streets of Santiago de Compostela.


Pilgrimage by Herzog (2001)

Pilgrimage (2001) is a short documentary by Werner Herzog.
While listening to music from John Taverner you switch between pilgrims from St Sergei in Sergiyev Posad and pilgrims at the Basilic of Guadeloupe.


Stella Splendens Pilgrim Song

Stella Splendens Pilgrim Song

Arany Zoltán


Even more inspiration

Even more inspiration
Samuel González 
(Barcelona - SdC 360 selfies...)


Camino inspiration

Camino inspiration

Totto Espana