zondag 10 juli 2016

Pilgrimage & Paris & Contemplation

A collection of movies related to pilgrimage and related to Paris.
Have a look at an initiative to place bronze waymarkers, visit Pere Lachaise and the Tour St Jacques and enjoy some music from the 'Messe de St. Jacques'.

Bronze waymarkers on the pilgrimage route through Paris?

Regnier Junior


A personal pilgrimage Pere Lachaise

Rick Steves Europe


Tour de Saint Jacques, Paris

"The tower's rich decoration reflects the wealth of its patrons, the wholesale butchers of the nearby Les Halles market. The masons in charge were Jean de Felin, Julien Ménart and Jean de Revier. It was built in 1509 to 1523, during the reign of King Francis I. With a dedication to Saint James the Great, the ancient church[2] and its landmark tower welcomed pilgrims setting out on the road that led to Tours and headed for the way of St James, which led to the major pilgrimage destination of Santiago de Compostela. A relic of the saint preserved in the church linked it the more strongly and in modern times occasioned its listing in 1998 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO among the sites and structures marking the chemins de Compostelle, the pilgrimage routes in France that led like tributaries of a great stream headed towards Santiago in the northwest of Spain."

Travel and discover


Some more on the history Of the St Jacques Tower



Timelapse Tour Saint Jacques 



And finally a musical outro.
"Sanctus de la "Messe de Saint Jacques" de Y. Olivet
Coro diocesano de París
Ensemble de Solistas de la Maitrise de Notre Dame.
Paris - Francia.
Domingo in Albis 2010.
Gran Órgano: Jean-Pierre Leguay
Órgano de Coro: Yves Castagnet"


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