dinsdag 24 november 2015

Sacred Journeys

Sometimes one of the sister blogs points to the other.

So I would like to point to Pilgrimage and Place for the documentary series from Bruce Feiler on Sacred Journeys.

in Lourdes,
on the Shikoku,
in Jerusalem,
in Mecca,
on the Kumbh Mela
and Osun Osogbo in Central Africa.

Both Pilgrimage and Place as The Pilgrims Gaze are blogs by me.

Pilgrimage and place has no unique focus on film, documentary and youtube movies but also looks at more background subjects regarding pilgrimage and place. So also expect more stuff on spirituality, on poetry, on pilgrimage to a bench or a grave....

Both have the possibility to leave your email so you'll get an update as soon as new items are added.

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