vrijdag 2 februari 2018


This documentary gives a nice impression, recommended!

"A film documenting the 440km trek through the arctic wilderness of northern Sweden.
Setting off in September 2015 from Abisko Mountain Station, we spent the next 30 days heading south for the finish line in Hemavan, encountering many wondrous sights and life changing moments along the way."

The indie projects

If you're in for more...

Ken Williams

And I have a third for you...

"Last year Team Yeti went to Sweden to hike the first 100km of the popular Kungsleden (King’s Trail). The trail opens for the summer season mid June, but 2015 brought a late spring to Sweden so even though our trip crossed the summer solstice (June 20-27), conditions were worse than expected and there was still a lot of melting snow. It was a slow, wet slog through the flooded valleys and the snow-covered Tjäktja pass. "

Yeti Adventure Films

Still here? Great!
Let's have a look at this fourth adventure on the Kings Trail.

"We spent three weeks this summer hiking Sweden's Kungsleden (King's Trail)
from south to north.

Approximately 270 miles / 440 km in length it passes through
some of Northern Europes most pristine wilderness."

Wayne Fenton

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